DDMRP for Companies Planning and Producing with SAP® PPDS

With S4 ePPDS and DDOM Versions in the Product Roadmap  

Implement DDMRP Now

ADDV Planner is an Add-On that brings DDMRP’s multiple benefits to companies planning and producing with SAP® APO.
The solution adds all the functionality required to implement DDMRP and has been deemed compliant by the Demand Driven Institute.

As the solution is implemented in ABAP, the end customer retains a level of control and customization not possible with cloud solutions. 

The solution is designed to allow the implementation of the methodology incrementally so a pilot project can be completed by in-house resources with DDMRP Knowledge. 

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Migrate Smoothly to S4

As part of the product roadmap, the solution will be ported to S4 Advance Planning (ePPDS) in 2024. The core ADDV planner functionality is based on APO PPDS and will not change in ePPDS. 

This will allow a technical migration to S4 HANA with simple data transfer and no need to retrain users.
The software license will be valid for both APO and ePPDS versions, so the license cost is not duplicated during the migration.

The product roadmap also includes a future extension to support the Demand Driven Operating Model functionality (DDOM).

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ADDV Planner Features at a Glance

Full-Featured and By The Book

ADDV Planner has been designed and developed to implement the full range of DDMRP features while closely following how they are presented in the seminal book by Smith and Ptak.

At the same time, ADDV Planner is leveraged on SAP Advanced Planning and Optimisation (APO) rich and time-tested functionality.

Planner WorkBench (PWB) Item

A central transaction to monitor the DDMRP situation of a product location.

The transaction is used to maintain the parameters that control the item behavior.
It also shows all the calculations, proposed procurement, and alerts of the buffer point, with a layout as close as possible as the one depicted in the book.

Planner WorkBench (PWB) List

A flexible report that shows all the current DDMRP values for the product-location.
Different layouts are used to display groups of fields for different use (General status, ADU calculation, NFP, etc.).

As it includes priority position and alerts, it points the planner to the materials that require attention. Clicking the line brings the product location PWB Item transaction.

DDMRP Buffers

Buffers are positioned in the network by defining the part as non-buffered or buffered (Replenished, Max-Min, or Replenished Override).

Buffers and constantly recalculated to reflect the current ADU and any change in parameters. 
Time series adjustment factors can be used to preempt known changes in the product location situation.

Net Flow Position

After calculating qualified demand directly from the system in a dual horizon/threshold approach, the NFP and recommended supply are determined.

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A simulation tool that projects – in figures and graphically – the system response to real or simulated demand. The simulation can be executed day by day or for a range of days.

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All the alerts recommended by the methodology to monitor the DDMRP execution are provided, as well as ADU alerts – used to detect unexpected changes in demand.

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DDMRP Heuristics

A custom heuristics logic that,  based on the material’s NFP, generates a planned order for the recommended supply quantity, either interactively or as a background job.

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Buffer Projection

All the future time dependant adjustment factors can be maintained and the buffer projection simulated. ADDV planner takes the saved value for the current date to use it in calculations.

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Buffer Status Visibility in RRP

DDMRP relevant values are visible as custom fields in RRP transactions (product, receipts, and requirement views), a direct way to see and set priority for production and purchase.

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Buffer Status Visibility in the Planning Board

Schedule operations with DDMRP priority position information (colors and figures) displayed on the planning board.

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Calculation and Simulation Logs

Full traceability on the applications log of DDMRP decisions and calculations during simulation runs and daily updates.

Most calculations formulas are also detailed along with their resulting value in the PWB item transaction.

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Data Tools and Background Jobs

Predefined tools to download and upload ADDV Planner data.

Additional programs to run in the background performing daily calculation (ADU, Buffers, NFP, etc.)

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Settings and Profiles

Configure the DDMRP behavior of each product location with the full range of the methodology options and parameters.

Settings are defined by plant defaults, using profiles or individually.

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Data for Metrics and Analytics

Historical data is collected for DDMRP daily settings and calculations so it can be extracted for Analytics and as the base for DDS&OP.

The projected values of the last simulation can also be saved for further analysis.

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Consulting and Customization

We offer consulting services to install and interface the solution to your current installation. We also provide functional and technical training to your in-house resources.
We can also customize the solution for specific requirements.

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Get Connected

The preferred way of contact is by connecting with the author through his LinkedIn page.

Joaquin Perez-Barrios in LinkedIn

Or email:

We would like to connect with anyone interested in DDMRP and APO / S4HANA Advance Planning.

Follow the project progress on its LinkedIn page.

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Companies Planning and Scheduling with SAP® APO interested in DDMRP

Companies that would like to explore the option of using ADDV Planner to implement DDMRP in APO.
Companies that use S4 or plan to use S4 in the future and would like to explore the option of using the ADDV Planner ePPDS version when available (planned for the end of 2024). 

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Implementation Partners

Firms and independent consultants interested in using ADDV Planner to implement the DD Adaptive Enterprise Model in customers planning with SAP® APO. 

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APO Managers, Users, and Consultants

Anyone interested in DDMRP and using or supporting SAP® APO or S4HANA with Advance Planning (ePPDS).

APO/ePPDS consultants that would like to learn the solution to implement it and support it.

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ADDV Planner is not currently looking for investors.

Nevertheless, an external investment may be needed in future stages.

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ADDV Planner Product Roadmap

ADDV Planner is starting an ambitious path to consolidate the current solution, expand its functionality and accompany our future customers in their migration to SAP’s new version – S/4HANA.

APO Version

The ADDV Planner APO version has been evaluated and included in the list of DDMRP compliant software by the Demand Driven Institute, The Global Authority on Demand Driven Education, Training, Certification & Compliance.

The Add-on is available for installation in APO systems. We are currently offering a demo to companies interested in the solution functionalities.

S/4 HANNA Advance Planning (ePPDS) Version

Although many customers may decide to keep using SAP APO up to or after SAP’s end of mainstream maintenance in 2027, they will eventually migrate to S/4HANA. We plan to have an ePPDS version ready by 2024.

Users of ADDV Planner will enjoy a smooth technical migration with minimum data mapping and training, as the core functionality will be the same in the APO and ePPDS versions, 

Demand-Driven Operation Model (DDOM) Extension

SAP’s Detailed Scheduling functionality (available as APO PPDS or S4 ePPDS) is an excellent platform to support a Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) version of ADDV Planner.

DDOM extends DDMRP’s stock buffers to include time and capacity buffers, further reducing variability in the current volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

SAP Add-On Install Certification and Go-to-Market in the SAP Shop

This is a nice-to-have that standardizes how the Add-On is installed and updated. Otherwise, the solution can be installed with predefined transport requests.
Certification is a prerequisite to include the solution in the SAP Store.
Including ADDV Planner in the SAP Store will allow a wider range of customers to have access to the solution.

The Author

ADDV Planner has been designed and developed by Joaquin Perez-Barrios, a consultant with 20-year experience developing tools and solutions in SAP’s SCM, Production Planning, and Execution platforms.

His solutions are value and user-driven while technically sound, thanks to an unusual combination of business, functional, and ABAP programming expertise.

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Testimonials of Previous Work and Solutions by Joaquin

“He will consider, advise, debate, propose, agree, test, train and implement the solution. Our company has been using some of his deliverables for years now. He assisted in enhancements around planning and scheduling which were helpful to our productivity and process. I would work with him again without reservation.”

Dave Caldwell
Group Planning Director, GTS and Warehousing at CoatS .

“Joaquin demonstrated a great depth of functional technical know-how and a very thorough and conscientious approach, putting in the extra mile to meet demanding requirements or deadlines. He is a strong team player and sensitive to relationships throughout the team, I would recommend highly.”

Jim Houghton
Director at Olivehorse Ltd


“Joaquin, thank you for your outstanding contribution and hard work on implementing the APO Change Requests. You really did a difference with your commitment, collaboration and your deep knowledge in APO planning.

You were always open to support, taking initiative, proposing solutions and providing timely feedback.”

Alexandra Tödter
Business Process Manager (EMEA) at AstraZeneca

“The technical challenges were also considerable yet Joaquin always drove us to the right solution, and he was capable of thinking outside the box when it was necessary. A solid, reliable, technically gifted colleague I would have no hesitation in recommending or re-employing if the need arose.”


Paul Millward
Head of Supply Chain Planning at Asahi UK


“I was impressed with how quickly he entered into our requirements. The task was not a standard one and required a thorough investigation of specialized statistical books and papers. Joaquin successfully completed the project, and all this was done in a very short term. I can recommend him as a brilliant professional.”

Evgeni Iliev
Business Process Leader – Demand Planning at Coca-Cola Hellenic

“He showed detailed attention and complete understanding of business requirements and designed solutions to meet the business needs. He investigates and provides alternative solutions and recommendations when we are faced with challenges.”

Manish Bhatnagar